Two days of readings, both dealing with chastity and suicide. Augustine seems to be arguing over questions surrounding women who were raped in the sack of Rome: are they now guilty? are they shamed? shouldn’t they just kill themselves? I assume he’s debating with some actual or imagined questioner because he attacks the issues in a pretty thorough way. He compares those Christian virgins who suffered rape with Lucretia, a noble woman of ancient Rome who was raped and then took her own life because of the shame. Augustine’s ongoing theme is that a woman who is raped incurs no guilt, and so there is no reason for her to kill herself. The whole discussion is pretty clinical and not very pastoral and he sounds like a logic professor who has never met a woman who has been violated. That is, he doesn’t seem to work very hard to get into the mind of a woman who has experienced that kind of violation – he basically deals with the ethics of the question. So, anyway, didn’t love the tone of the discussion though I find his arguments basically persuasive.