Interesting discussion now – Augustine takes us into Greek and Roman theatre to look at how the gods are portrayed on stage. The Greeks show their gods to be immoral, and so they mock their citizens and show the Greeks in their immorality. The Romans show their gods to be immoral, but they won’t allow their citizens to be mocked onstage in the same way. Augustine points all this out in order to show the different ways that the demonic gods of mythology trick and deceive people. The gods are false and they either lead others into their immorality (the Greeks) or they lead others into all kinds of self-deception and inconsistencies (the Romans). His last line of chapter 13 is nice:

“As the major premiss, the Greeks say that, if such gods [immoral ones] are to be worshipped, then certainly such men should be honoured also. The Romans state as the minor premiss that such men should by no means be honoured. And the Christians conclude that such gods are therefore by no means to be worshipped.”

Yep. Corrupt gods lead to corrupt men. A holy God is the only chance that we humans have to inspire us and lead us to holiness.