Just a note: I am headed to the mountains this weekend and am posting today’s reading and tomorrow’s now so that I can get ahead and not worry about reading tomorrow. So, two postings today, no more until Monday (Saturday’s scheduled reading is a catch-up day).

Augustine ends Book 2 with an appeal to any remaining dignified pagans to choose between debasing, self-destructive worship of gods who are not gods and worship of the One True God. He has talked a lot about the gods and explained that they are not gods but demons. They are immoral, they invite humans to be immoral, they give no direction for good living, they fight among themselves, they do nothing to protect either themselves or those who worship them, they celebrate debauchery. Even if they were gods, Augustine advises us not to worship them.

He challenges citizens of the so-called “Eternal City” to join the true Eternal City through worship of the true God and Savior of humanity. “Incomparably fairer is that Supernal City where victory is truth, where dignity is holiness, where peace is happiness and where life is eternity.” The immoral gods are not welcome in that city and the goods of this city cannot be compared with the goods of that One.