All our hope is in You! Father, Your name is above every name! Jesus, at Your name, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that You are Lord. Father, You have made us by Your Word, You have redeemed us by Christ’s death, You are making us into a new people by the power of Your Spirit, You are making all things new in Christ, Your Son and chosen King. We hope in You because You are good, You have all power, and You are not going to let Your creation end in death and chaos – but You will set all things right. You sent Your Son to us as a servant to die for us, broken sinners that we are – we, who are destroyed by sin while at the same time we participate in the destruction that sin brings. We do damage to what you have made good. At the same time, we are victims of the damage of sin. We are seeking refuge in You, Father, because sin and evil and chaos and death are too much for us and there is nowhere else for us to go to be saved. We confess, Lord, that we have brought evil into this world, by seeking our own good instead of the good of others; by wanting to be lords of our own lives; by fighting over who is the greatest when You call us to be servants of all; by forgetting those image bearers of Yours who are poor, helpless, needy, orphaned, widowed, fleeing as refugees; by our greed, and pride, and selfishness, and gluttony, and our participation in this culture of death. And You sent Your Son to save us by dying for us, wretched sinners that we are. We praise, You, Father, Son, and Spirit, because You welcome us and save us by Your power, and invite us refugees-from-sin into life-saving and renewing relationship with You.

This country in which we are pilgrims has been struck with fear. The terrorist attacks around the world have made Americans feel unsafe. As Your followers in this country, Father, we pray for wisdom and grace for the leaders of this country, and we pray for peace. And as our brothers and sisters are spread throughout the world, we pray for peace and safety in other lands, and we pray that Your people here and around the world would glorify You by the ways that we love, and care for those in need, and welcome and show compassion to strangers. Would Your grace and mercy and compassion be made known to all peoples through the work of Your people in places where evil and violence and sin are evident. We lift up those who have suffered from terrorist attacks and violence, in the last month: in Paris, in Mali, Cameroon, in the West Bank, in Iraq, in Israel, in Bosnia, in Marseille, in Nigeria, in Lebanon, in Chad, in Afghanistan, in Egypt, in Bangladesh, in Somalia. We also lift up the people involved in the six school shootings that have taken place in the last month and a half in this country. God, Your creation feels and is broken, and the people who were meant to bear Your image as rulers and ambassadors of Your love are full of fear. But, our hope is in You! Instead of fear, empower us by Your Spirit to live full of hope and gratefulness. You are making everything new, and You will put an end to sin and death and chaos and evil. We will be new, and You will rule in righteousness and justice. Thank You that You are in control, that You are ruling now, and that You will make all that You have made right in the end. Thank You that You heal and bring life. Instead of fear, fill us with thankfulness and hope, because of You.

Make us new, Father. Empower us to welcome Your children, those who have been orphaned, who have been widowed, who seek refuge, who are lonely. Give us eyes to see them as children made in Your image and bearing Your likeness. By Your Spirit, embolden us to treat each person made in Your image as though Your Son is standing in front of us. Help us to welcome them, and in welcoming them, remind us that we are welcoming Jesus Your Son, and in welcoming Jesus, we welcome You.

Father, we pray for the needs in our community.

Father, thank You for Rodd, for the gifts you have given him, for his preparation for this morning, and that You have spoken to him this week by Your Spirit. Would You speak through him by Your Spirit to change us, to make us grateful servants, welcoming disciples, and humble image bearers to the humble King.

Lord, we thank You that You have filled all our needs. You have filled needs that we didn’t even know we had. Thank You for all of Your gifts to us. Receive this offering as our worship of thanksgiving – use it for Your glory and to advance Your Kingdom.

Father, thank You for giving us refuge from sin and death. Thank You for welcoming us into Your Kingdom. Thank You for sending Your Son as a servant King. Thank You for the hope of a new creation. We praise You, Father, Son, and Spirit. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.