Augustine continues his discussion of the origins of the City of God: God created everything good; there is no evil nature (“there is nothing at all which is evil by nature, and ‘evil’ is a name for nothing other than the absence of good”); Origen’s ideas about souls being eternal from the beginning and bodies being “houses of correction” are wrong;  the Trinity is good and is reflected all throughout creation; we exist, we know we exist, and we love our existence. He is moving through origins and natures of goodness and evil so that he can look at the ends and loves of the two cities. A thing’s beginning can tell us a lot about its end, and so Augustine is being thorough in his discussion of beginnings.

He sums up the beginning and end of the City of God:

“In this Trinity is the origin, the instruction and the blessedness of the holy City which is on high, among the holy angels. For if we ask, Whence comes it? God founded it; or Whence comes its wisdom? God enlightened it; or Where lies its happiness? In the enjoyment of God. It has its form by subsisting in Him; its enlightenment by contemplating Him; its joy by abiding in Him. It is; it sees; it loves. Its strength is in the eternity of God; its light is in  God’s truth; in God’s goodness is its joy.”

May you be strengthened and enlightened by God and find your enjoyment in Him.