Congratulations, just half of the City of God to go! Book 13 marks the halfway point of Augustine’s magnum opus. A serious journey, but it has been good for me; I hope that you’ve enjoyed it as well. Six months ago, Steve, Jackson, and I  (and anyone who wanted to join us) began a year in Augustine’s City of God. As a reminder, I’m reading the Cambridge edition:

Augustine, The City of God against the Pagans, ed. and trans. by RW Dyson (Cambridge: 1998)

And, we are following Collin Garbarino’s reading plan <>. More or less. Garbarino’s plan starts in January, we started on Monday, August 31, 2015.

Here are the questions I started with:

I’m interested in Augustine’s ontology (the Nature-Grace relationship), his call for the church’s engagement in an unjust regime, the teleological nature of political order (for what purpose does it exist?), and how well his ideas borrow from and work with John’s two cities in Revelation. He has implicitly answered a few of my questions along the way, but I’m hoping for more explicit answers in the second half of the book. He hasn’t, for example, talked much about the City of God or its relationship to the City of Man. He has been too busy disagreeing with the way the City of Man is founded and functions to look at the theoretical relationship between the two cities. Some of this has been a slog, but as a discipline and as a way to grow my learning about God and the world He created, this has been a great endeavor. I invite you to join us for the second half.