In the rest of book 16, Augustine continues following Abraham’s family line, from Jacob through Joshua and the conquest of the land God promised to Abraham. He is trying to do two main things here: first, he wants to show how the City of God continues to grow in the faithful descendants of Abraham; second, he looks for clear signposts of Christ in the middle of the development of the Jewish people. Not all of the Jews are faithful and not everything about the story points to Christ but Augustine wants us to see that the City of God is growing and that Christ is on display in the little details and in large personalities.  For Augustine, Christ is on display all the time if we will keep our eyes open:

“The world is filled like a field with the fragrance of the name of Christ. His is the blessing of the dew of heaven, that is, of the showers of divine words; and of the fatness of the earth, that is, of the gathering the peoples. His is the abundance of corn and wine, that is, the multitude which the corn and wine have gathered together in the sacrament of His body and blood. It is Christ Whom the nations serve, and to Whom princes bow down.”

All the world points to Him, and it will all be fulfilled in Him! Praise God!