(Prayed at Cole Community Church on Mother’s Day, 2016)


We praise You. You are a powerful God and King. You are so powerful that You take our brokenness and turn it into opportunity for grace and goodness and Your glory. You turn our sorrow into joy, our sin into places of redemption, our pain into comfort, our disease into healing, our death into the great mystery of Your life. You take what is lowest and least in us and make it into something great in Your Kingdom. Only You are capable of that. We praise You.

Thank You for mothers. I thank you for my mom, for my mother-in-law, for my wife and the mother of my kids, and for all of our mothers and grandmothers. Thank You for the life that You have given to us through our mothers – for the gift of first life, for feeding us and nourishing us, for their prayers on our behalf, for late nights and caring for us when we were sick, for showing the ways of Christ to us by sacrificing their time and energy for us, for laying down their needs and desires to serve us. Thank You, Father, for our mothers. We ask that You would give a special blessing to our mothers – would You bless them with grace and love today and add an eternity’s supply of chocolate and tulips to their treasures stored up in Heaven. Thank You also for our mothers of the faith, for those mothers who served and birthed our spiritual lives. Thank You for the ways that they have cared for our souls and served our needs. Thank You for the nourishment they have provided to us and for the ways that they have sacrificed themselves to aid our growth and maturity. Thank You, Father, for our spiritual mothers. We ask that You would give them a special blessing – would You bless them with Your joy and encouragement today and add an eternity’s supply of encouragement cards and intimacy with others as the united Bride of Christ in the New Jerusalem.

And, on a morning when we are celebrating both mothers and the power that You reveal in our brokenness, we thank You for the power that You have revealed in those broken women whom You have made mothers: in Sarah, whose barren womb You opened in her old age, and who is now mother to all the faithful; in Hannah, whose womb You opened so that she could conceive and bear Samuel and then give Him back to You; in Tamar, whose womb became a place for You to show both Your mercy to Tamar and Your justice to an unjust Judah; in Ruth, by whose foreign and outcast womb You maintained the line of King David and the King of Kings; and in Mary, who was a virgin and the Mother whose womb bore the Son of God. We remember and celebrate that You – in Your creative and redemptive and powerful way – make mothers out of those who have no children. Today we pray for those women who are not mothers due to barrenness; we pray for those women who are single and maybe not by choice; we pray for those women who don’t know some or all of their children due to the death of an unborn child; we pray for those women who gave up children to adoption; we pray for those women whose children have been taken from them by war or persecution or forced immigration; we pray for others who have had to bury their children. We lift up those women – our sisters for whom Mother’s Day might cause more pain than joy. We pray that You would grant them the power that raised Jesus from the dead today, and add an eternity of opportunities to be perfect mothers to redeemed children in the New Heavens and New Earth.


You are an awesome God. We praise You as the Father from whom every family on in heaven and on earth gets its name; to You be the glory in the Church and in Christ Jesus through all generations. Amen.