So, I am starting a new site to wrestle through questions dealing with worship and politics. The site you are on – the Cole Center for Biblical Studies site – will continue to deal with biblical and theological issues. The new site – Latreia and Politeia – will be more explicitly political and look at how our worship might impact our politics. I will be taking some of the posts focused on politics that are on the Cole Center site and move them over to Latreia and Politeia; they are not going away, just going to a new site. If you are interested in those posts, please come and visit me there.

Just a teaser: latreia means “worship” or “service” in ancient Greek; politeia means “politics” or “citizenship”. My conviction is that God intends our worship to be political and to have impact on the polis (city) around us. And so,  Latreia and Politeia. I pray that the work we do here at the Cole Center and the work at the new site will serve the Kingdom of God, for His glory.

Blessings in Christ our King,